Week of September 5, 2016

Dear Parents,
Due to a 4 day school week the children will take this time to continue to learn about some of our class schedule and rules.
Some of them being:
  • Arrival and where to hang up our backpacks. Take out our folder/notebook and where to place it. Remove our lunch boxes and place on the shelf.
  • Morning table top centers and listening to and participating in morning announcement with the rest of the school.
  • Bathroom times and when other classrooms are using it.
  • Enjoying snack and lunch in the classroom.
  • Enjoying playing in the playground.

The children did a wonderful job on their 3 days of school last week. We look forward to an exciting week with opening a new center this week and learning how to take care of that center.
Any questions you can email me at dcronan@sjsf.dfrcs.org, write in your child's notebook, call the school (508)996-1983, or speak to me briefly at the end of the school day.
Have a wonderful week,
Debbie Cronan