PreK­3 Cronan
Dear Parents,
Welcome to the PreK­3 classroom. I will be teaching children between the age of 2.9 to 4 years old. I am going to take this time to explain how the children will be learning throughout the school year. Throughout the school year, children will learn using hands on centers. Centers will be changed to reflect the different seasons and what we are learning at that time. I will use some themes from last year and new ones. “Welcome to Preschool” will be the first theme; next will be “Classroom Manners”, then “Our Families” are just a few. Themes are adapted throughout the school year according to the interest of the children. I believe play is an important part of how children learn at this age.
The students will be discovering their classroom, other students, staff members, and St. Joseph School. Centers will eventually be introduced and how to use and care for them. Students will participate in morning announcement with the rest of the school, which will include Pledge of Allegiance, Morning Prayer, and the school's Mission Statement.
Once the students have settled into their daily routine, there will be small meetings on the rug. During these meetings children may learn:
● Leader of the Day ● Weather song ●Seven days in a week song. ● Twelve Months’ in a year song. ● Letters, shapes, and colors. ● Theme for the week. To strengthen the students learning to write I will incorporate Handwriting Without Tears. My PreK­3 lesson plans meet EEC, Mass. Curriculum Frameworks.
Once a week the students will enjoy: Music by Mrs. Medeiros, Physical Education with Donna Ridolfi, Library with Mrs. Clemonts, and Art with Mrs. Casmira.
Some of the things that make transition from home to school easier for the children are:
● Please label all ​items that belong to your child. With 13 children it is difficult to keep track of everyone’s belongings. In case of an accident an extra set of clothing, labeled, should be kept in your child’s backpack. Teachers cannot assist children in the bathroom. If a child has an accident and needs assistance, a parent will be called, unless the child can change themselves. ● Please send in a nutritious snack for the morning. Please do not send in chips, cookies, soda, or candy for morning snack. ● Morning drop off time is 8:00 am until 8:15 am. It is a stop and drop and any car that is parked will be asked to move. After 8:15 am all students in Preschool must go to the office and a staff member will bring your child to class. Unfortunately, parents are not allowed to enter the classroom without first stopping at the office. This is for the safety of all the students at St. Joseph School. If in the morning you need to get a message to me please write a note, email (, phone or come into the school office. ● Dismissal is 2:00 p.m. Please be on time to pick up your child. There will be no parking in the school pick up zone. We must keep the traffic flowing. Early arrivals will be asked to keep moving. Extended care starts at 2:30. Half day dismissal is 11:00. Please be aware that on early dismissal days the whole school is being dismissed at staggered times to help alleviate the congestion. So it is imperative that your child be picked up at the correct time. ● A small blanket and pillow may be brought in for rest time. No toys from home should be brought in; there are plenty of toys for the children to play with in the classroom. ● A notebook/folder will go home daily to help with communication. You can also email or contact the office to get a message to me. I hope this will help with communication. Any questions or concerns please write it in the folder or email me. I will get back to you within a 24­hour period. All information from the office will be posted on the school website or emailed to you on Tuesday’s. My email is ● Specialists schedule is as followed: Monday – Library and S.T.E.M. Tuesday ­ Gym (uniform must be worn). Thursday ­ Music Friday ­ Art Gym uniform should be worn on school field trips. ●Any parent who wishes to volunteer in the school or go on field trips must fill out a CORI form. More information can be provided by the front office. ●If your child is sick with a fever, diarrhea, vomiting, etc., please keep them home for 24 hours symptom free. If they get sick in school a parent will be called and asked to take them home.
The lunch menu is available online. Please write in your child’s notebook if they are buying and their choice of meal and or milk. Hot lunch will be chosen if nothing is circled. Lunch is $2.65 (including milk). Milk separately is .50 cents. Lunch should be paid online. Please refer to the 2016­-2017 PS & K Parent Handbook located on the school website ( If you have any questions please contact the office or me.
I would like to thank you for choosing St. Joseph School and giving me the opportunity to care for and educate your child.
God Bless,
Mrs. Deborah Cronan